Best Crypto

This year has seen a rising demand for crypto assets. Increasing demand for returns and an alternative to fiat (to combat inflation) has seen a rise in market adoption and an increase in Market capitalization ($2 Trillion). With the top crypto projects Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardona, Binance Coin, Litecoin, G999, and Chainlink building market share and increasing utility for users. With low barriers to entry for investors, the rise of the Binance coin shows investor appetite for utility linked with liquidity (the Binance Exchange). Recent Coinbase IPO listing reveals the direction of crypto assets linked to exchanges and the value of those exchanges. Projects like G999 have their own exchange (GSTrade Exchange) which increases liquidity to the market capitalization of the crypto asset. Cardona and the Binance coin saw a respective rise of 3 674% and 1 892% making them the best crypto performers thus far, however; G999 is the most undervalued.