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BCDC's opening piece on Medium

BCDC's opening piece on Medium

The pace of Smart Contract & Blockchain technology alongside Blockchain startups has been breathtakingly fast in 2017.

There are companies and applications being developed right now by teams which will, undoubtedly, disrupt entire industries and will be inclusive and mainstream on a global basis in the near future.

However; they predominately tend to be platform development projects of a financial or tech nature and still in a "Proof of Concept" stage. They have lead-times of 12 to 18 months for build and then they have to rely on us or corporate to adopt & use their platform upon launch.

So what do we, the industry, do in the meantime? We need to prove to future users that the tech works and is safe, stable and you won’t lose your money (or your reputation if you are a company) by its use.

We need to show future users that marrying this technology to companies works now.

With this at the forefront of our mind, BCDC will build and launch our first Blockchain project 6 months after our token sale. It will disrupt the forward finance model of funding renewable projects globally. It will also, MORE IMPORTANTLY, allow ordinary investors alongside institutional investors to earn returns while saving the planet and stimulating renewable energy uptake.

During the Blockchain build period we will not be sitting on our hands. While the Blockchain part of our business is tested, audited and deployed, we will use traditional crowdfunding in FIAT and Cryptocurrncy and utilise part of our ICO revenue to launch floating solar farms and other projects in the UK, Europe & the Americas to ensure investors in these projects see a return.

BCDC will not just be “another” Blockchain developer. For each project we build, we will start a company which will use that technology to prove to the world it actually works.

These companies will be run by experienced entrepreneurs and experts in their fields. Each of these companies will run a hybrid Smart Contract/Traditional model until the smart contract side of the business has been bedded in, audited and proved reliable.

Our first project will show that smart contracts and Blockchain tech will enable us to provide a private forward-finance model for renewable energy projects in utility-size renewable projects; as well as the Care Sector and Hospitals, Schools and Social Housing in the UK, Europe & North America. This will enable the disruption of banks delaying capital to these projects and let the everyday investor alongside the institutional investor access ROI’s on ten, fifteen and twenty-year investments.

(Once we have proved this model works we will be able to point it at any project which needs funded outside of traditional bank funding)


With a website and white paper launching in less than a fortnight; we will provide a basic outline of how we plan to do it, what decentralised applications and companies we will build, and uniquely, how we will provide a five year token reward fund for early and strartup investors (which is open and accepting investments now) and our PRE-ICO and ICO period.


Stay tuned for more from the BCDC team.

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