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Blockchain Startup to protect the Oceans and advance Renewable Energy

Blockchain Startup to protect the Oceans and advance Renewable Energy

BlockChain Development Company debut their website and show the world how their projects will help to save our planet and protect and track our food.

New Blockchain startup debut their website today at 12.00 BST www.BCDC.online
Their revolutionary approach to using Blockchain technology will deliver projects which will:

1. Assist in the advancement of renewable energy and allow ordinary people to invest in renewable projects and get a return on their investment via cryptocurrency with a project called EcoChain

2. Introduce a blockchain-based recycle project for single-use renewable drinks containers with a cryptocurrency reward called RecycleToCoin which will help to save our Planets Oceans. It could also enable people to earn a living by recycling regularly

3. Provide an online fraud-security food-tracking system for shoppers to check their supermarket purchases from farm to store (think trusted-organic produce and the horse meat scandal). This will give the public the confidence to make safe and local purchase decisions

Described as a decentralised company, providing decentralised applications (DApps) for business today; as well as providing Blockchain Development services to companies who wish to get an advantage on their competitors. They have a UK based management team and a global development and advisory board which they are actively adding to as more specialists seek to join this project.

Moving away from the platform development model, which has been all-the-rage over the last few months. The BCDC team have spotted a glaring gap in the market and will prove Blockchain technology works today by developing and deploying Blockchain applications on the Ethereum network which work now and not in 18 months’ time.

Their RecycleToCoin project will launch in just 2 months time, which is BEFORE their ICO. Developed in partnership with the Reverse Vending Corporation, this Blockchain application was inspired by some of the team watching the Sky Ocean Rescue Campaign’s video A Plastic Tide and other videos like Sky Atlantic’s A Plastic Whale and the global resource phenomenon Ten Billion.

To coincide with their Whitepaper release; they have an informational whiteboard video to be released in a fortnight which will give people a visual understanding of the company and its projects. This is being developed in association with Eden Videos.

The company is currently accepting early investments to those with vision and a sense of where Blockchain tech is moving in the future prior to their SAFTE/Pre-ICO sale.

press@bcdc.online     info@bcdc.online     invest@bcdc.online

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