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Goodbye Token; Hello Toshi

Goodbye Token; Hello Toshi

Why are we changing the name?

After launch, it came to our attention that the Token trademark was already in use. There was one entity in the U.S. using the Token trademark who offered to sell it to us for a reasonable price (credit to them for reaching out cordially after our launch, and not sending legal letters). But after more research, we became aware of at least five other digital currency or payment related entities using the Token name in various places around the world (Europe, China, etc).

We also found the name Token to be somewhat confusing in conversation, with so many new tokens being created each week. We decided it would be best to change it, especially while the project is still so new.

How did we choose the name Toshi?

Toshi was the runner up name that we were previously going to use for the project. When the trademark issue became apparent, we went through a fresh name brainstorming exercise and looked at about a dozen options. Toshi had the best qualities of the bunch based on a number of criteria.

It is whimsical, has a neutral connotation, passes the “bar test” (if you say it in a loud bar, can someone spell it), and is much more defensible as a trademark internationally. The name is also an homage to Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator(s) of the first digital currency (which has now spawned an entire industry). Perfect to build our brand around.

Anecdotally, people to seem to like the name Toshi just as much, if not more.

What’s next?

Over the coming weeks, we’ll transition everything to our new name. We have a new website and logo, and will be updating our applications in the Google Play and Apple App Stores.

Please help us get the word out and say hello to Toshi!


Source: Toshi Blog

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