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Can you start and run an ICO Yourself?

Can you start and run an ICO Yourself?

What is Icofunding?

Icofunding is a platform designed to help you create and manage your own Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). We also provide services to the ICO investors whereby controls are set to monitor ICOs in accordance with the initial established goals.

You simply have to set some parameters for your ICO and you get a tailor-made code to be launched on the Ethereum blockchain.

“What we do is make crowdfunding much simpler, more transparent and more secure”.

Up until now, the average time of an ICO launching for a startup is between 3 and 5 months. Consequently, it implies an interruption in the development of their product given that they need to focus on the fundraising.

While Entrepreneurs have a huge knowledge in their area of expertise, Initial Coin Offerings requires a specific knowledge given their complexity.

Some ICOs have been launched hastily and with a lack of audit, so some of them have suffered hacks and security breaches leading to a loss of funds for the investors.

On the other hand, we should bear in mind that up until now, ICO investments have been quite complex. Therefore, ICO's need to improve their user experience.

For this reason the talented team have launched Icofunding. Initial Coin Offerings need to comply with the highest security standards and good practices and, at the same time, they need to become simpler and easier for investors.

Their main purpose is to facilitate ICO launches for those entrepreneurs, reducing those 3 to 5 month for prepare and launch the ICO to few minutes. We also grant the best security practice through a strung and user friendly platform. In this way, the entrepreneurs will be able to focus on their product and provide the best services to their clients.

“We want to do for the crowdfunding ecosystem what Wordpress did to the web”.

What makes Icofunding different?

They are developing a Coin Governance System (CGS), which consists of a series of tools that grant token owner management over the funds raised through an ICO.

Thanks to this system, investors will be able to audit the administration on the capital raised and their funds will be protected if not used according to the roadmap established by the startup.

Why on blockchain?

Blockchain has become the cheapest and most secure platform to transfer value between peers without intermediaries. This is why the ICO funding environment is experimenting an exponential growth in the past months. Blockchain also grants the availability of the assets around the clock.

This technology also grants the ownership of the assets (tokens). In this sense, They do not hold the investor’s tokens, They are only enablers.

Among all the blockchain technologies, They have chosen Ethereum to build their platform. With this regard, entrepreneurs are able to customize the parameters on their ICO (type of issuance, number of tokens, ICO duration, etc.). On the other hand, investors are able to take part in the decision making of the funds raised using smart contracts.


To learn more and visit their site, click HERE 

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