Fiat money

Fiat money is categorized under good money and bad money. Good Fiat money is considered to be gold and bad fiat money is considered to be currency. Fiat money such as gold or silver is classified as the commodity market and is regulated to ensure investment integrity. The barriers to entry for Good Fiat money make it difficult to be used as a medium of exchange but rather a store of value. Bad Fiat money, however; is the government-issued currency that acts as a medium of exchange but does not hold any value. With the current climate, G999 wishes to become global sound money. Fiat money now expanding its description to include crypto assets sees a rise in institutional investment. With the popularity of Bitcoin, the competitive nature between gold and the crypto asset leads fiat money to expand its definition. Governments are working to create their own digital currencies, the new norm will become Fiat “digital money”. However, crypto assets are not Fiat they represent wealth distribution from the Ground Up.